As a national electricity and natural gas provider, stadtenergie supplies reliable electricity and natural…

lanxess product innovation platform screenshots

Product Innovation Platform

One of the biggest chemical manufacturers had the need to accelerate their product development cycles and…

Cloud Governance Framework on Azure

Cloud Governance Framework on Azure

The customer was in need for the business’s tolerance for risks when adopting the cloud. The result of the…

Datacenter Azure Migration

Datacenter Azure Migration

The customer wanted to go for a complete datacenter migration with a metric driven approach. A clear business…

SQL Server Azure Migration

SQL Server Azure Migration

The customer was in need to move their SQL Server 2008|R2 instances to Azure to save Extended Security Update…

Managed Data Service stackit

StackIT Data Service Solution

A Managed Data Service solution is a Cloud-Native platform that integrates with Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, or…

mobility cloud platform thumbnail


The cloudmobility platform provides a modern cloud infrastructure to the applications developed inside…

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Subscription Ticket Selling

Offering customers a seamless way to buy their tram and bus tickets should be an easy task. However, when it…

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METRO Dynamic Pricing Platform

Offering the right price at the right time to the right customer is a challenge. The dynamic pricing platform…

Data Integration Platform

MobiLab's Data Integration Platform helps turn data into an appreciating asset by enabling your organization…

Our Approach to Engineering

Our customers are the key domain holders of their industries. We support them in their aspiration to become a cloud native organization. MobiLab integrates with the customer team, shares experiences in the technical, design and business sides of solid engineering. From engineers, architects, project managers, designers to product owners, at MobiLab we take pride in bringing our knowledge and energy to other teams and leaving a stunning experience.


how mobilab builds a project -step 1

Engineering Standards

how mobilab builds a project -step 2

Team Integration

how mobilab builds a project -step 3

Extensive Domain Knowledge

how mobilab builds a project -step 4

Solid Architecture Principles

Knowing What To Build

The hardest part in engineering is deciding precisely what to build. At MobiLab we establish detailed technical requirements, including all interfaces to people and software systems while at the same time we minimize the amount of code we write.

Measuring What Matters

Most projects challenge with the establishment of the right metrics, which give an unbiased view of the project progress and empower teams to take the right counter-measures if the project gets off-track. At MobiLab we ensure to measure what matters.

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