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Mobility inside PKM Editor

The tool supports transit fare associations in creating & maintaining product and control modules (PKM). PKM…

screenshots metro inbound pricing solution

METRO Inbound Pricing Solution

Combine a massive reduction of time and effort to create an optimized workflow for supplier price adaptions.

Jenkins for Android

Native Jenkins Client for Android is one of the best Jenkins CI client. Its simple design, as well as feature…

Butler – Client for Jenkins

Butler – Client For Jenkins is the best Jenkins CI client for iOS. Its simple design, as well as feature…

ssl as a service open source thumbnail

SSL as a Service

Encrypting traffic to and from your website or web service is becoming increasingly non-optional. SSL as a…

Managed Data Service stackit

StackIT Data Service Solution

A Managed Data Service solution is a Cloud-Native platform that integrates with Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, or…

mobility cloud platform thumbnail

Customer and Car Platform

Customer and Car Platform provides a modern cloud infrastructure to the applications developed inside…

ticket selling screenshots

Subscription Ticket Selling

Offering customers a seamless way to buy their tram and bus tickets should be an easy task. However, when it…

metro-dynamic-pricing screenshots

METRO Dynamic Pricing Platform

Offering the right price at the right time to the right customer is a challenge. The dynamic pricing platform…

saloodo dhl carrier app

Saloodo! – Digital Freight Platform

Saloodo! is Digital Platform, connecting Shippers and Carriers on a single marketplace. While Shippers get…

Our Approach to Development

We help our customers inspire their industry by creating innovative products with integrated Agile and Scrum teams who share their experience in the technical, design and business sides of software delivery. Sometimes what other teams are missing is one good player. From developers and designers to product owners, MobiLabbers take pride in bringing our knowledge and energy to other teams and making an impact on them.


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Engineering Standards

how mobilab builds a project -step 2

Team Integration

how mobilab builds a project -step 3

Extensive Domain Knowledge

how mobilab builds a project -step 4

Solid Architecture Principles

Knowing Which Code To Write

Delivering fast and with high quality can be achieved not just by knowing which code to write – which comes with experience – but also by minimizing the amount to write. At MobiLab, we have been optimizing for both.

Providing Exceptional User Experience

We deliver the product that our customers or users actually need. The analysis of their feedback and daily usage makes us stay open to changes, risks, and variety.

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