What We Do

Whether we’re developing a mobile app which helps a multinational restaurant franchise offer a more engaging in-store experience to their customers or a key piece of infrastructure in a global retailer’s core operations we build it from ground up and tailor it to the customer’s needs.

General Expectations

We will expect you grow and improve with us. This means cultivating your strengths and keeping up with advancements in your field of expertise. You may even be expected to pick up new skill here and there, but certainly not expected to become the master of everything.

We will expect you to solve the interesting problems and avoid the unnecessary ones. No, we don’t expect you to have a crystal ball or a sea of experience, but we do expect you to tap into the experience of others. This means investigating whether a problem has been solved before diving head first.

We will expect you to share knowledge. This means discussing and collaborating on solutions, reviewing each other’s work, writing good documentation, and preparing workshops. This means offering constructive criticism and being prepared to receive it.

We will expect you to demonstrate that quality, reliability, and usability are not just a few of the “ilities” which are commonly desired. This means always thinking from the user’s perspective and testing your work for functionality, integration, and performance issues.

If you want to know more about our recruitment process, just have a look at our recruitment process!

Other Percs

  • Excellent salary;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • An atmosphere where the best argument and code count;
  • An awesome office space right in the city, next to pubs and bars;
  • Public transit stipend;
  • 10% paid time to chase rainbows or unicorns;
  • Free drinks & fruits;
  • Wine & Beer evenings;
  • Subsidized lunch;
  • One paid travel to a conference per year.

Are you interested in joining us?

Look no further send your application to jobs(at)mobilabsolutions.com. Even if you don’t find any open position, we are always interested in highly motivated and talented people who want to join us.