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With software-defined Cloud Integration MobiLab covers all 3 layers of the stack:
Infrastructure, Data & Application

Cloud Adoption

Adopting the Cloud is a complex endeavor – from performing a comprehensive discovery of workloads in your datacenters, calculating the business case & setting a cloud strategy, building the foundational architecture of your cloud deployments, and defining cloud governance policies to preparing people, business processes, and IT environments for the change – MobiLab delivers to you all aspects end-2-end for a successful cloud integration to your organization.

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Data Integration

As data volume, variety and number of sources increase, organizations struggle to scale the speed at which they deliver new & incremental data value without sacrificing data integrity, and the breadth of the underlying data foundation without turning it into a data swamp. Our proven Data Integration Platform helps streamlining & modernizing your data architecture to build reliable data integrations from source to destination.

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Data Estate

data analytics

Data Analytics

data visualization
Data Archiving

Cloud Native Services

To embrace the full power of Cloud Integration, organizations need to refactor processes, technology and change the mindset of people to phase out monolithic applications in favor of the rapid delivery of software. MobiLab augments your team with experts to re-build and refactor applications to the extent that all infrastructure concerns are offloaded to the platform. Moreover, where need be, we enable your teams with new capabilities.

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Kubernetes Enablement

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(Re-)Building Applications

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Refactoring Applications