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The cloudmobility platform provides a modern cloud infrastructure to the applications developed inside Daimler. Over the long term, more and more services will be exposed to external customers who are in need for an infrastructure focused on mobility. It offers compute, storage resources, a developer-friendly API, a user-friendly graphical interfaces and the tooling to facilitate the development, scaling and operations.


Daimler AG




Ceph, Docker, Kubernetes, Cilium, Nginx, HAProxy, Keepalived, Istio, Prometheus, Bind9, AWX, Netbox, RackHD, Ansible, Golang, Bash, Terraform, Keycloak, Postgresql, Java, Golang

➞  Modern

Uses Kubernetes for the container orchestration, Ceph for the persistent storage and Cilium for cluster networking - directly on the bare-metal servers.

➞  Scalable

Leverages the scalability capabilities of Kubernetes to offer seamless vertical and horizontal scalability.

➞  Efficient

Allocate only the resources you need, pay as much as you use with fine-grained measurements.

➞  Mobility Focused

Has a focus on the mobility domain - offers access to various applications, APIs and data that is specific for mobility to enable new business opportunities.

⸻ Customer Challenge

Why building a private cloud which specialized on one vertical?

Experience shows that some industries prefer to keep certain workloads on-premises indefinitely in order to avoid a vendor lock-in.This lead in building a private cloud which is focused on one market segment rather than serving different verticals. The speed of solving problems faster in that segment outweigh the complexities in building an own cloud. Additionally, if the cloud has been built right, it comes with the economics of scale and a lower total cost of ownership.

⸻ Solution

How is cloudmobility different than others?

Cloudmobility aims to solve problems more efficiently than most existing solutions by leveraging the modern technologies: containerization and its orchestration, instead of virtualization – directly on bare-metal server. Using the multi-tenancy capabilities of Kubernetes and Ceph as a modern distributed file system, it uses the underlying hardware with better efficiency.

The different layers of cloudmobility(from the hardware to the service layer) have been developed to serve one specific market and enable the future of mobility.

The best or nothing!

As a car manufacturer, Daimler has proven over and over again to occupy the top spot when it comes to mobility and transportation.

To push the vision to enable seamless mobility and transportation for mankind, Daimler wants to guarantee the best customer experience by delivering the best infrastructure and services.

Cloudmobility is the core piece of infrastructure leading towards this vision.