Our Creed.

We believe that crafting software is an art that requires passion and dedication. It’s not about tossing around bits and bytes – but about delivering a product that’s hand-tailored and optimized towards the customer’s needs.

Collaboration is the key – across teams and with customers, regardless of borders, cultures or technological preferences. Driven forward by technology and to not be afraid to jump into the unknown – this is an ongoing journey with a lot of hurdles. The point is to continuously learn, adapt to new technologies, never give up, and to keep working towards the purpose of delivering valuable products.

Our Mission.

Enable our customers to release products that reshape and set new benchmarks for their industry.


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Crafting Software

The products we craft do not vanish but are codified to stay, to reshape industries and imprint core values about how software should be built. Releasing future compatible and great products is not an easy task. But our aim is also not an easy one: We enable our customers to transform their industries.

Balancing the good from the past and the technological pace is our field of expertise. Meet the symbiosis of both values – Silicon Valley Risk Taker Pragmatism & German Uncompromising Reliability. Join us as a customer and build products from the ground up with us. Let’s learn for setting new benchmarks, be aspirational and inspire your industry.

Our Artists.

“More than the expression of our skill and creativity our work aims to never leave anyone indifferent. From pixel perfect screens and complex animations to an intricate micro-services architecture, we don’t just create software – we create metaphors. If art begins where nature ends then we are, undoubtedly, software artists.”
João Rodrigues, Branch Manager

“To me, a product owner is an advocate on behalf of the end user. A good product owner balances the business goals, with the requirements of the actual user of the product, that is either asked for explicitly or even better, backed by metrics.”
Max Afflerbach, Product Owner

R|Evolution of Industries.

The power of computing helps us to understand the evolution of industries in fast motion and revolutionize them in the areas we are well experienced in - Banking, Retail, Mobility.

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The Power of Creative Destruction.

Computing and creative destruction help us automate our work, and tools like Slack, Confluence, Jira, and GitHub to collaborate with people all over the world.

Our continuous integration pipeline makes sure we always ship the latest build and notice errors before they manifest themselves in the wild. Rancher helps us keep everything running. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud allow us to set up infrastructures within minutes – and Terraform help us to be even faster. 

Creative destruction empowers us with newer technologies to make us faster, accelerate our adaption rate and make our lives easier and more fun!

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