Cloud Adoption

We analyze your organizational processes and domains with an effort to support data consolidation, standardization, and centralization. Just imagine creating a shared understanding of data for everyone involved in your company’s decision making.


Data Integration

Whether you want to migrate your workloads to the cloud, build your own private/hybrid cloud infrastructure, implement a cloud governance framework, or establish an effective SRE team around your cloud-native initiatives, we get you there.


Cloud Native Services

If you want to optimize cloud usage it is necessary to re-build and re-platform your applications. On top of cloud adoption and data integration, we help you to build cloud-native services to make the best usage of the cloud and of your data.


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Crafting Software

We put our heads together and create something that you can show off with, and that can help you set new benchmarks and inspire your industry. Let’s get in touch and build software that meets your unique needs!

We believe that crafting software is an art that requires freedom, passion and dedication. It’s not about tossing around bits and bytes, but about delivering an impactful product that is both stretching the boundaries of the industry, as well as optimizing towards the customer’s needs. 

Enable our customers to release impactful products that reshape and set new benchmarks for their industry.

“Individual knowledge grows when it is applied. Group knowledge grows when it is shared. Organisation knowledge grows when sharing is ingrained in the company culture. My job is to foster knowledge sharing. My satisfaction is watching it grow.”
Radu Creanga, Director of Engineering

“More than the expression of our skill and creativity our work aims to never leave anyone indifferent. From pixel perfect screens and complex animations to an intricate micro-services architecture, we don’t just create software – we create metaphors. If art begins where nature ends then we are, undoubtedly, software artists.”
João Rodrigues, Tech Lead & Branch Manager

R|Evolution of Industries

Strong insights into different industries from manufacturing to retail enable us to provide rapid solutions to core problems.

Discover our strengths!

Data Integration

Cloud Migration

Data Catalogue

Infrastructure Service

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The Power of Creative Destruction

Computing and creative destruction let us to reshape industries. We collaborate with people all over the world using tools like Slack, Confluence, Jira, and GitHub.

Our continuous integration pipeline assures we always ship the latest build and notice errors before they manifest themselves in the wild. Rancher and Kubernetes help us keep everything running. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud allow us to set up infrastructures within minutes – and Terraform help us to be even faster.

Creative destruction empowers us with newer technologies to make us faster and our lives easier. And on top it makes our work much more fun!


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