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Cloud Adoption

Whether you want to migrate your workloads to the cloud, build your own private cloud infrastructure, or implement a cloud governance framework so that you have the right controlling mechanisms in place. We get you there!


Data Integration

We automate a reliable Data Integration from source to destination, to help your teams scale collaboration and create a shared understanding of data for everyone involved in your company’s decision making. Let your team focus on analytics!


Cloud Native Services

If you want to optimize cloud usage, adjusting your workloads to the cloud is mandatory. On top of Cloud Adoption & Data Integration, we help you to re-build and re-architect your applications. Let’s transform you into a truly cloud-native company!


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Cloud Integration

We firmly believe in software-defined Cloud Integration (Cloud Adoption & Data Integration) to empower organizations to transform into a cloud-native company. We enable our customers adopting fast to the cloud and making the best use of it by building reliable data integration platforms from source to destination. Get in touch with us and make Cloud Integration possible today!

Crafting software is an art requiring skills across all three layers of the stack: Infrastructure, Data, and Application. Our expertise is based on achieving the best possible symbiosis between the distinctive areas while still fine-tuning everything to the unique needs of our customers. We are dedicated to enabling organizations to operate with their full data potential – anytime & anywhere!

Your deeds define who you are. For MobiLab this translates into four virtues giving us the foundation for our day-to-day operation:
Passion, Humbleness, Ownership, Compassion

“Individual knowledge grows when it is applied. Group knowledge grows when it is shared. Organisation knowledge grows when sharing is ingrained in the company culture. My job is to foster knowledge sharing. My satisfaction is watching it grow.”
Radu Creanga, Director of Engineering

“More than the expression of our skill and creativity our work aims to never leave anyone indifferent. From pixel perfect screens and complex animations to an intricate micro-services architecture, we don’t just create software – we create metaphors. If art begins where nature ends then we are, undoubtedly, software artists.”
João Rodrigues, Director of Cloud Adoption

R|Evolution of Industries

Strong insights into different industries from manufacturing to retail enable us to provide software-defined Cloud Integration on all layers - infrastructure, data & application.

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Data Integration

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Cloud Migration

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Data Archiving

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Cloud Data Ops

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The Power of Creative Destruction

Technology and software have taken over big parts of the value chain in the last 10 years, enabling cloud-native companies to build high-growth, high-margin, highly defensible businesses.

The computer r|evolution has brought tectonic shifts in how organizations run their businesses. On top, cloud computing and data mining have accelerated the pace of creative destruction putting the old economy into a struggle for survival.

At MobiLab, we believe that competition is only one click away, thus giving us the day-one mindset and focusing on the relevant things.

Our promise to our customers is to bring software-defined Cloud Integration with our mindset – a combination of great research, a pro-risk culture, reliable & solid delivery – into their organizations.

Creative Destruction at Work
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