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Offering customers a seamless way to buy their tram and bus tickets should be an easy task. However, when it comes to ticket subscriptions (school tickets, yearly tickets, etc.) the work is usually still done with a lot of paperwork.

The ticket selling web app eases the communication with customers who would like to subscribe for tram and bus tickets.






Google Compute Engine, JavaScript/React

➞  Optimized for Speed

Speed and a great customer experience are important to navigate the user through the checkout process.

➞  Upload and Download

Upload and download of documents are important to strive towards a paper-free communication.

➞  Data Security

Data security is at the heart of any public transportation company. We made use of state-of-the security guidelines.

Why a Ticket Subscription Page?

Public transportation is at the core of any city which wants to serve its citizens in the best way and connect them to each other.

The ease of travel which involves having a good infrastructure and vehicles is however only one side of the coin. Customers (citizen and tourists) also need to have access to buy their tickets in the most easiest and convenient way. For monthly and yearly subscribers this can be a challenge, as they might change their bank or postal address throughout time or get some specific subsidies from the city.

The goal of RSVG ticket solution had been to offer a seamless order and checkout process for ticket subscribers, to increase the ticket sales and gather all relevant customer data in an electronic way.

Moving Towards a Paper-Free World

For achieving a seamless checkout process, it was necessary to understand each step the customer goes through, the different documents which need to be provided to get a subsidy and to assure that there is a bi-directional communication in place between the customer and the transportation company.