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MobiLab’s Data Integration Platform helps turn data into an appreciating asset by enabling your organization to unlock the value stuck in information silos. With our reliable Data Integration Platform from source to destination you will get a common understanding of data. Beyond rapid integration, the platform protects the sources from unnecessary load and overhead. It augments the capabilities of sources with powerful and flexible indexing and aggregation capabilities in order to serve the needs of any system.




Kubernetes, Docker containers, Google Cloud, Java/Spring-Boot

➞  Built for speed & scale

Deliver insights from all your data, across data warehouses and big data analytics systems, with blazing speed.

➞  Powerful searching

Users exploring large data volumes and looking for specific subsets of data can do so with filters, and aggregate on keys and content.

➞  Robust & secure infrastructure

Reliable and scalable infrastructure with the most advanced security and privacy features in the market, such as column- and row-level security and dynamic data masking.

➞  Powerful Analytics

Expand discovery of insights from all your data through integration with Power BI or other solutions (such as Looker).

Fast and reliable from source to destination.

The primary goal of MobiLab’s Data Integration Platform is to achieve a common understanding of data within an organization. It accomplishes this through quick integration of data (and new arrival of incremental data) , reliable storage, powerful indexing, and real-time change notifications.

Since information silos are often specialized applications such as a merchandise system which are good at what they do but cave under the pressure of integration or demanding consumers MobiLab’s Data Integration Platform takes care of storing the data in a fast and reliable way.

This protects the sources from unnecessary load and enables us to offer powerful indexing capabilities not typically found in the sources on top the Data Integration Platforms comes with simple UI so run analytics against the data.

Search, aggregate, filter.

The indexing capabilities enable consumers to craft requests for exactly the needed data at any time, whether these are granular requests or aggregations. And since data rarely stays stagnant we enable consumers to stay up to date by delivering change notifications in real-time.

The subscriptions support all the same indexing and aggregations as direct requests do.

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