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We are specialized in Cloud Integration and support our customers throughout their Cloud journey on the three different layers: Infrastructure, Data, and Application. Our commitment to engineering excellence with a deep understanding of the customer's domain enables us to optimize towards maximum customer value.

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We enable our customers to adopt fast to the Cloud and make the best use of it by building reliable Data Integration Platforms from source to destination.

Cloud Adoption

MobiLab - the fastest Cloud Adoption company - delivers the best end-2-end experience for your Cloud journey by aligning all processes, systems, and people for a successful Cloud Adoption.

Data Integration

Our proven Data Integration Platform helps streamline & modernize your data architecture to build reliable data integrations from source to destination.

Cloud Native Services

MobiLab augments your team with experts to rebuild and refactor applications to the extent that all infrastructure concerns are shifted to the platform. In addition, we empower your teams with new capabilities if needed.

Our Approach to Engineering

Our customers are the key domain holders of their industries. We support them in their aspiration to become a cloud native organization. MobiLab integrates with the customer team, shares experiences in the technical, design and business sides of solid engineering. From engineers, architects, project managers, designers to product owners, at MobiLab we take pride in bringing our knowledge and energy to other teams and leaving a stunning experience.

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Engineering Standards

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Team Integration

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Extensive Domain Knowledge

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Solid Architecture Principles

Knowing What To Build

The hardest part in engineering is deciding precisely what to build. At MobiLab we establish detailed technical requirements, including all interfaces to people and software systems while at the same time minimizing the amount of written code.

Measuring What Matters

Most projects challenge with the establishment of the right metrics, which give an unbiased view of the project progress and empower teams to take the right counter-measures if the project gets off-track. At MobiLab we ensure to measure what matters.

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