Cloud Native Service - Stadtenergie - Mockup

As a national electricity and natural gas provider, stadtenergie supplies reliable electricity and natural gas at a fair price. The spectacularly smooth checkout process allows customers to find, compare and book new tariffs with just a few clicks. The easy-to-use customer portal also enables customers to control and manage all aspects of their contracts themselves.


stadtenergie GmbH




React/NextJS, Redux, ReduxSagas, StyledComponents, Jest and React Testing Library, Cypress

➞  Revolutionizing the Industry

The first-ever website in the German energy market to offer PayPal as a payment method.

➞  Cloud Native Infrastructure

Leveraging a robust and stable infrastructure running the entire business on the cloud, powered by Microsoft Azure.

➞  Continuous Delivery

Enabling innovation and fast market experimentation, powered by state-of-the-art CI/CD practices and automated end-to-end tests, bringing velocity and sustainability at the same time.

➞  Outstanding User Experience

Empowering users to easily manage their energy products, by incorporating cutting-edge user experience best practices and eye-catching UI design.

⸻ Customer Challenge

stadtenergie on Cloud

Being a combination of containerized applications, the website is deployed and managed on a fully managed Kubernetes service cluster, Azure Kubernetes Service, which gives built-in automated provisioning, repair, monitoring, and scaling. Combining this with GitHub Actions to automate the software workflows with CI/CD, has given the project a much faster end-to-end development pace.

This setup allows the development team to have several production deployments in a single two weeks sprint. Every deployment has successfully passed unit, end-to-end, and manual tests by developers and business experts.

Besides Azure Kubernetes Service, the website benefits from various Azure services like Azure CDN, Azure Log Analytics Workspace, Azure Storage, and more.

⸻ Solution

Customer Self-Service Portal (CSS-Portal)

As a nationwide and digital energy provider, stadtenergie enriches their customer’s life by the CSS-Portal. The CSS-Portal enables customers to manage their contracts, book new tariffs, get saving tips, and more with a modern user experience. The CSS-Portal also enables their users to use PayPal or IBAN next to invoices as a payment option. The user can also add their own readings to the CSS-Portal.

In case of a movement, the stadtenergie customers can also use the move option, which is just one click in the CSS-Portal. This option starts the location change for the energy contract and also allows the user to benefit from their existing contract bonus.

With these features, the communication between the user and their energy provider gains a lot of speed with a high value of user experience.