Remy is an iOS Application which aims to provide restaurant owners deep insights into their online competition environment and to improve their online presence.

Our services crawl the the main social and rating networks like Facebook, Tripadvisor and Yelp to find related content, cluster it based on the neighborhood and perform comparative analysis, with the help of Fedger and OneChain.

The iOS Application was built using React Native, while the backend was built using the .NET Framework, all running on Azure Service Fabric.

See all your reviews in one place!

All reviews from the most common networks are accumulated in one place – you can browse them, search by date or mark important reviews for later, to continuously improve your performance.


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Compare with competitors!

Remy provides extentive insights into how you perform compared with your competitors – either overall performance, or filter for individual factors.

Order products to help improving your restaurant stance!

Think of anything you could need for your restaurant? It’s right at your fingertips – choose and get in touch with a sales representative, to see what they can do for you.