Turn your data into impact in real time.

From Real-Time Insightsto Real-Life Impact

Axium unites knowledge, data, and people via Ontologies and AI, providing you vital insights into your business, regardless of the size and scale of your operation. This enables you to make informed decisions, and safeguard the health of your organization anywhere, anytime.

Rapid Knowledge Management

Liberate users from endless quests of information and knowledge retrieval queues. Axium delivers results in seconds instead of days.

Easy Modelling

Optimized to make developing dynamic models easy with Ontologies. Promote collaboration among team members with different levels of expertise, fostering innovation and collective problem-solving.

Secured Environment

Axium runs fully on your own Cloud infrastructure, so your data and your knowledge never leaves your environment. Users have only access to the data and information they truly need.

Improved Decision-Making

Axium improves the quality of decision-making by its model-first approach. It augments up-to-date information from various sources with unified semantic meanings.

Revolutionizing Knowledge Management In Your Industry

You can use Axium right out of the box. As a plug-and-play solution, it’s designed for various use cases across industries such as ESG, Pricing, Logistics, Market Strategy, and many more. Our +25 industry-proven templates help you rapidly accelerate value creation, enabling you to answer the most important questions in real-time.

ESG Use Case | Axium


How far is your organization on its net-zero journey?

MobiLab axium pricing uai


How agile is your sales network in executing your pricing strategy?

Logistics Use Case | Axium


What are the bottlenecks across your supply chain?

+25 Sectors

We’re committed to delivering future-proof solutions and scalable value to you.

Axium provides you with ready-to-deploy templates for every area and industry.


MobiLab is the preferred partner of industry-leading companies for end-to-end Cloud Integration. We’re committed to delivering future-proof solutions.

Accelerated with Reliability

Data-driven organizations outperform their competitors. Axium helps you become an information-centric organization by making it easier and faster for your teams to search for knowledge.


Axium can integrate directly with a variety of Cloud and on-premise data sources without copying data around, including Databricks Unity Catalog, Microsoft Fabric, Azure SQL.


Axium generates API schemas automatically, which can be used in high-code environments, in AI-powered frontends, and for external data-sharing. This reduces the backend development effort by up to 90%.


Axium is fully native to Azure’s platform and infrastructure layers that’s ready to be scaled for any operation.

Start small and scale.

Axium is designed future-proof, for all businesses to organize their knowledge and leverage the power of data and actionable business insights.

How to get started

Axium is a plug-and-play solution. Get a functioning prototype for your first use case in Axium within a day.

Install Axium

Axium is easy to install. No complicated infrastructure setup or network configuration is needed.

→ Axium is available on Azure Marketplace


Build Your Model

The Axium Workspace offers domain experts with a collaborative space to describe their business domain in their own natural language.

Every change is versioned, testable and easily reversible.

Integrate Your Data

Bring your semantic model to life by binding it to data. Axium can integrate with a variety of mainstream Cloud and on-premise data sources.

And if your data is not there yet, Axium can simulate it for you using AI. 

Explore Insights

The Axium Explorer provides your business users with a user-friendly, AI-powered web interface to explore data and search for insights.

Need even more acceleration?

Contact us, we may have the exact right accelerator for your very need, for example in Marketing, Pricing, Logistics, Financial Controlling, and ESG.

Got questions? Just ask.

Every business is different. If you want to know how Axium can empower your team, connect with us and learn more.