How fast do you get access to the data you need?

Meet our data integration experts at MobiLab: We provide a data integration strategy alongside with our data integration platform to coalesce your data at one place.

mdm - master data management

Critical data at the core of your business transactions is what we call master data. These are typically the nouns in your transactions and depending on the industry may be customer, supplier, material, product, employees and location data. It is your data which makes your business run and generate value and money.

Since businesses grow and evolve so does the landscape of systems affecting and being affected by data. Over time this tends to reduce the reliability of data. A recently emerging trend – exposing data to your customers, suppliers or end-users – has exacerbated the challenge of coming up with the right tools and processes to keep the data consistent and reliable.

Growing complexity of systems and interactions

Today’s fast-paced IT landscapes are evolving rapidly and the orchestration of those complex systems interactions needs the right data integration strategy.

We are the experts in managing your complex data infrastructure

We work together with you to implement a data integration strategy and provide you with tailor-made solutions which fits your organizational needs.

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managing master data

We support you to connect both MDM and PIM and make you future compatible for exposing your data to your ever growing customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Connect MDM to PIM system
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We do the healthcheck of your current MDM/PIM landscape as a pro bono initiative and provide the revenue completely to schools and Engineers Without Borders, to make life better for those who are in need.