Hey, I’m Witold! I was born in the beautiful city of Gdańsk (Danzig) in Poland, but I grew up in the area around Cologne, where I spent most of my time, except for my degree, which I completed in Dortmund. Besides computer stuff, sport is my passion: I’m a footballer, runner, and I’m also the crazy guy who does 150 km trips with his road bike almost every weekend.
At MobiLab, I started working as a Fullstack Engineer / Team Lead, mainly responsible for Backend Development. As time passed, my focus changed towards Data Engineering. In the meantime, I became a certified Azure Data Engineer, and as a Tech-Captain, I am responsible for the technical direction and implementation of customer projects.

"With more than 15 years of experience in the tech industry, I've gathered a lot of knowledge, which I'm very eager to share."

Witold is a Team Lead at MobiLab

MobiLab is one of my first employers with whom the contact did not come via good references. I found a job ad online and simply called. By now, I have worked for several different companies in and around Cologne. For me, MobiLab symbolizes what the city of Cologne actually is: open and tolerant towards all people and cultures. MobiLab has people from more than 30 different countries who live and work together in an amazing atmosphere under one roof. Sometimes I go from one room to another and hear people speaking in literally five different languages. It’s crazy and beautiful at the same time.

I joined MobiLab in January 2021, in the middle of the COVID pandemic. Of course, this was also a challenge for me since I could only interact with my new colleagues remotely most of the time. Nevertheless, they enabled me to get up to speed very quickly, especially because my knowledge of the Azure Cloud was limited back then.

In my previous companies, I gathered experience mostly in the Java platform: Java and Scala as programming languages, Spring and Micronaut as development frameworks, and Docker and Kubernetes for container (-orchestration). But I also gained knowledge in software design approaches like domain-driven design, domain storytelling, event-driven architecture, and microservices. At MobiLab, I expanded my knowledge not only into new programming languages like Kotlin but also into an area that was completely new to me: Data Engineering in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. That’s why I decided, as already mentioned, to become a certified Azure Data Engineer. Everything around Big Data became my thing: Apache Spark, Databricks, Microsoft Synapse Analytics, structured and unstructured data, but also new technologies like Data Lakehouse, Delta Lake, Hudi, and Iceberg. In my projects for customers from various sectors, such as automotive or chemical industries, I assist them in leveraging the full potential of Microsoft Azure’s data engineering stack. One of my most interesting and challenging projects to date was the successful migration of SAP HANA ETL use cases to Spark and Synapse Analytics.

"Sometimes I go from one room to another and hear people speaking in literally five different languages: It's crazy and beautiful at the same time."

But not only tech and sports are my passions, but also people. With more than 15 years of experience in the tech industry, I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge, which I’m very eager to share. I’m a teacher and mentor, especially for the Data Engineers here at MobiLab, and try to empower them to become valuable colleagues in terms of ownership, passion, compassion, and humbleness. At the same time, MobiLab tries to empower me by doing regular webinars, like the AiNOVA Masterclass about Data Lakehouse Architecture.

If you are fascinated in analyzing data and want to see me explaining the latest ideas of state-of-the-art data architectures, catch up with me at one of our regular events like Pizza Wednesdays or MobiNights on Fridays. And if you’re also into sports, you’ll find me at our MobiRuns or MobiRides.