Greetings! My name is Samuel and I travel from the historical cities of Thanjavur and Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu, India, which were once part of the Chola Dynasty. Ever since my school days, I have been intrigued by technology, be it electrical, electronic, or mechanical. This interest led me to pursue Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, and I simultaneously completed an M.Sc(IT) degree as well.

I have always been a dreamer and was determined to make my dreams a reality. I aspired to begin my career in Bengaluru, also known as the Silicon Valley of India, and I was fortunate enough to achieve this goal after completing my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. My work has taken me to various places, from Ottawa in Canada to Kanagawa in Japan, and finally, after a five-year stint in the United Kingdom, I settled in Germany.

Although I enjoy experiencing new places, cultures, and customers, of late I wanted to delve deeper into a niche subject and work in one place. That’s when I discovered MobiLab, which helped me achieve this dream by hiring me as a Cloud Architect. MobiLab exceeded my expectations and helped me grow to become a Cloud Adoption team lead.

"I have always been a dreamer and was determined to make my dreams a reality."

cloud adoption story samuel

I come from a land that celebrates “unity in diversity”, MobiLab made me feel at home again with the same celebration of bringing talents from across the globe and still keeping its culture through its virtues of Compassion, Humbleness, Ownership, and Passion. Having diversified talents abreast with the common vision to be technology enthusiasts and sustaining as Software Artists is truly an art that made me admire my leadership team. Quick onboarding, short induction, and an experience with German pharma customers from 2nd week are all I could recollect of my entry into MobiLab on October 2020 with a glorious 18 years of experience and brimming confidence back then.

My IT career started off working with various editions of Java, it was called Merlin followed by Tiger back in 2002. Starting from standard, micro, and enterprise editions to frameworks and applications like Apache Cocoon to Struts, Tiles, and Spring framework defined my developer career before I moved to the technology and domain architecture world. I had the opportunity to interact with banking, automotive, telecommunications, and energy retail customers from west to east. Technology disruptors with the buzzword “Digital” made me focus on Cloud Technology which then paved a beautiful path to MobiLab. My diverse knowledge got confined and deeper in Azure along with diverse German customers from various domains.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this journey is witnessing the gradual improvement of our Cloud Adoption Framework with each project we undertake. Each project provides me with the chance to delve deeper into a particular technology and apply my learnings to a more refined framework. As I work alongside the company, I am gaining greater confidence in cloud architecture and governance, which are the two foundational pillars of our success. By balancing customer projects with ample time for self-reflection, as well as pursuing Azure and language certifications, MobiLab has found the recipe for success.

Our architecture team is a diverse group, bringing a variety of skills, technical backgrounds, cultures, languages, and experiences to the table. As we work alongside Azure, we continually learn from each other on topics such as security, windows administration, networking, virtual desktops, VMware, and more. We place equal importance on both architecture and compliance and have successfully enabled our customers to adhere to ISO:27001 security standards and GxP compliance. I am honored to be a part of this team and to lead them with the knowledge and experiences I have gained at MobiLab.

"I am honored to be a part of this team and to lead them with the knowledge and experiences I have gained at MobiLab."

My journey thus far has been both challenging and intriguing, yet the possibilities that lie ahead are truly captivating. It’s equivalent to exploring various locations on Earth only to discover that the universe is infinite. Our roadmap for the future reflects this, starting with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and progressing to Azure VMware Solution (AVS). There is still a long way to go as we venture into the realms of containers, data, IoT, SAP, AVD, and beyond, marking milestones as we march toward success.

Catch-ups at our company’s kitchen, “It’s Wednesday my Dude” complemented with pizzas for lunch, and quarterly updates with food for thought, I also referred to the dinner here, summer barbeque party, tech-talks which mesmerizes your mind and rejuvenates your thoughts to go an extra mile, and broadcasts about our company are few highlights which are worth the experience, and I admired the most. In our lives, there are only a handful of things that truly captivate us. However, some experiences are worth taking a chance on. Why not give it a try today and join us at