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At MobiLab we believe that there is a fundamental problem of causal inference. We, therefore, try things out without the fear of failure as we embrace their results as valuable insights. Our work ethic is built around constantly learning what and what does not work, through the analysis of the best code, metric, and argument. This ensures we deliver quality work optimized for the long run of our customers.

If you think you are up for being part of this work ethic and strengthening our cultural glue, we go the extra mile for you: We provide full funding, take care of all paperwork, let you attend professional conferences and help you embrace fully the compounding rate of learning.

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Why MobiLab?

In our industry, it is not the company which chooses its team, but the people which choose the company. We don't want to compete with companies, which promise everything, put out their mission without living up to those, and overbid each other on paying the highest salary.

We are proud of the intellectual freedom our team gets at MobiLab. Our DNA has its roots in valuing research and its applications as the key to success. Trying things out where the odds are against us is our motivation.

Self-funded and without the pressure of an investor telling us how to run our business and culture, we grow slowly but steadily.

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Inspiring Projects!

We've delivered successful products in the Banking, Retail and Mobility industry. Our work has to be aspirational so that it can inspire our team and the customer. Both help us bring exceptional excellence to solve our customer's challenges and give our team a chance to grow and improve our industry.

Constant Learning!

We challenge ourselves to adopt new technologies and find better ways of doing things. Continuous improvement, feedback sessions, retrospectives and embracing openness, responsibility, and accountability allows us to grow. We see mistakes has an opportunity to learn, explore new ways of doing things and share their insights.

Hard Fun!

Fun is just as important. On a regular basis we have beer & Portuguese wine evenings, plan various other internal events, or we just take a break from work with one of the consoles in the office. We are a family that enjoys spending time together even outside of work.

Other Perks You´ll Love.

Intercultural and open workspace
Free public transport in Cologne and Berlin
Free drinks, fruits and snacks
Working with experienced professionals
Working on new technologies
Fun, friendly, and outgoing team
Attending conferences in the EU
Nights out, occasional bbqs and much more

Our Offices.

We have offices in these two beautiful cities. Although the largest office is in the heart of Cologne, we also expanded to Berlin as we believe that no other city is as open to new people and young companies.

Feel free to visit us at any time!

Berlin, Germany
Cologne, Germany
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