Our Creed

At MOBILAB pragmatism and balance are the name of the game. We strive to grow slow but steady. We keep busy but don’t forget to play. We stay organised but don’t burden ourselves with unnecessary processes. We love to solve problems but prefer to avoid reinventing the wheel. We believe one should learn continuously but not only from their own mistakes. We rely on time proven tools but are not afraid to try new things. We nurture individual talent but prefer the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

How We Help Ourselves

We believe in picking the right tools for the job so we let everyone pick their own hardware and software. Slack, Jira, Confluence, and GitHub are our collaboration friends. TravisCI is always busy running tests for both client and server on each pull request, subsequent commits, and merges to help us ensure quality.

We rely on Docker clusters to run our services in the cloud, and Rancher helps us to keep things running. We try to provide a transparent view of all services by sending logs to a centralized logging service and making them available to everyone on the team.

Metrics are continuously collected into Graphite and we visualize them using Grafana dashboards to help us identify problems early and maintain continuous stability.

Clients use Fabric to make sure problems don’t go unnoticed before and after releases.

We think that learning and giving back is important. Therefore we allow everyone 10% of their time spent at MOBILAB to freely work on open source projects, writing blog posts, contribute to StackOverflow, and personal development. On top, we have once per month a Rainbow & Unicorn day to spend time together with team members on different topics (e.g. building a chatbot, helping a PO to be an effective PO, learning a new language etc.).

Play is important, so we organise picnics, hackathons, and enjoy a beer every now and then.

Oh and everyone in the office hides a nerf gun under their table.