About MobiLab

MobiLab was founded in 2011 out of a living room with a single purpose of making mobile payment possible through smartphones. We successfully secured a major funding from Deutsche Telekom AG and METRO AG and soon found out that our idea was too early for the market to be accepted. But we had one big lesson as a key take-away: we were pretty good in building robust software from back-end to front-end and could close major customers in need of rock solid software to support them in their digitization endeavors.

In 2017 MobiLab made a management buyout and bought back all shares from its investors to have back complete control over its own destiny. With the new freedom, we could navigate freely without the pressure of an investor and focussed on dealing with master data management and building data integration platforms.

In 2019 we added Cloud Adoption to our field of expertise and coined the term Cloud Integration (a mix of Cloud Adoption and Data Integration). With Cloud Integration we support our customers to become a truly Cloud Native Company so that they can operate with their full data potential anytime and anywhere. We achieve this by migrating their workloads to the cloud (Cloud Adoption), and once in the cloud we establish a shared understanding of their data through a single interface (Data Integration). Only then and in the last step, we build Cloud Native Services on top of those two previous layers to reach the final stage of being a Cloud Native Company.

Throughout time we have developed our own products which support as in our work: We have our own data integration platform enabling customers to have a shared understanding of their data. We have an archiving & backup platform called Archivum which easily allows customers to archive and backup their data on the cloud and reduce costs by using different storage tiers.

Join a unique working environment and deliver awesome work!

Our Stunning Team

MobiLab consists of stunning colleagues and we are proud of our risk taking DNA. We believe in freedom & responsibility and that both go hand-in-hand. Located in Cologne and Berlin we bring our expertise from different industries and combine it with research based backgrounds in Software Engineering, Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics.

about mobilab solutions
about mobilab solutions