Cloud Assessment

Assessing the on-premise footprint with optimization potentials for moving to the cloud.

Target Cloud Architecture

Definition and implementation of the overall Target Cloud Architecture for moving workloads in the cloud.

Cloud Governance Framework

Defining guardrails for the best usage of the cloud without sacrificing security and consistency.

Cloud Migration

Conduction of interviews, preparation and migration of workloads to the cloud and hypercare phase of workloads.

Why Cloud Assessment?

Before doing any workload migration to the Cloud it is mandatory to understand the complete on-premise footprint and calculate potential savings in of Cloud. The outcome of the assessment was a clearly defined business case enriched with data from multiple sources resulting into a Cloud Migration Strategy.

Why a Cloud Governance Framework?

The advantages of cloud services are plenty, the ability to deploy globally, high-availability and scalability options, and a plethora of managed services that reduce administrative overhead. Adopting the cloud posed different challenges to the customer though – threats to security, regulatory requirements, consistency issues, and cost managing concerns – that although present in the traditional on-premise environment, are amplified on the cloud due to its decentralized nature and that must be addressed through a robust governance model.

We supported the customer in defining the cloud governance which supported the design and implementation of the Target Cloud Architecture as well as the Cloud Operating Model.

How Did MobiLab Support QIAGEN?

MobiLab was asked provide an end-to-end consultancy and implementation for the datacenter migration to the Azure Cloud. MobiLab put together a team of cloud migration specialists split in multiple workstreams (infrastructure & application assessment, cloud governance framework, target cloud architecture, landing zone, migration planning/execution, hypercare).

MobiLab supported the customer in understanding the different workloads in their worldwide sites, conducted interviews with the workload owners and successfully migrated those workloads to the Azure Cloud during a Minimum Viable Project phase. Within 4 months and a team of 7 people MobiLab delivered successfully (in time and in budget) the project.