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Archivum Blockchain Archiving Magic Show

Archivum | Performing Blockchain Magic

Find out more about Archivum's most innovative feature: Blockchain magic! In this blog post, you get to peek behind the…

Azure TCO Cloud Enablement Cloud Assessment

Azure TCO & Cloud Enablement | Why Is a Cloud Assessment Needed?

Ever wondered about how MobiLab approaches its Cloud Assessment and why it is needed? Find out more!

Cloud Data Archiving - Archivum Leveraging Cold Storage

Archivum | Leveraging Cold Storage

This is a blog post about the way MobiLab's archiving solution Archivum smartly utilizes different storage tiers (as…

Cloud Data Archiving - Cloud-based Archiving Solution - MobiLab

Archivum | A Cloud-Based Archiving Solution

This is a blog post about Archivum, MobiLab's first own product. It covers the experiences during development and its…

Software Design - virtual voice assistant

MobiTalk | A Virtual Voice Assistant for MobiLab

We recently developed voice assistant software that enables us to virtually answer questions from employees who are new…

A Primer into Cloud Adoption Part 1

A Primer into Cloud Adoption | Part 1

MobiLab is specialized on Cloud Integration (bringing together Cloud Adoption and Data Integration). As such we support…

Elements of Cloud Governance

Elements of Cloud Governance

This is the first post in a series of posts detailing our shared experience in developing and implementing Cloud…

Cloud Platform - Experience on building managed cloud data services

How to Build A Managed Cloud Data Service

We recently worked on providing a self-service cloud platform that enables companies and end-users to install complex…

Restaurant Payment App - Registration at VAPIANO | MobiLab

Simplified Registration & Check-out

We redesigned the registration and checkout flows in the Vapiano App to make guests enjoy their experience in the…

Stash! Open Source Payment SDK | MobiLab Blog

Stash! SDK

We are open sourcing our Payment SDK - Stash!. It supports 3 payment service providers, handles 3D Secure 2, and…