Cool down your hot data with Archivum

Archivum is a cloud-based archiving solution which enables you to archive and backup your data safely, cost-efficiently with a simple and easy user interface.
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Your Data is as Safe as Fort Knox

Minimize Your Storage Costs 96x96-3

Minimize Your Storage Costs

Archivum uses two different storage tiers which differ in costs and access latency; fast and easy accessibility for your productive data and slow and inexpensive accessibility for your unproductive data.

User-Friendly And Simply UI 96x96

User-Friendly And Simple UI

Files in Archivum are indexed, which allows you to find anything you are looking for within seconds. Do not lose time searching for files anymore and retrieve the ones you need through Archivum.

Automated Archiving Processes 96x96

Automated Archiving Processes

Archivum supports you in creating automated processes for the backup and archiving of your data. Simply define containers and rules for different sets of data and let Archivum take care of the rest.

User Account For Externals 96x96

User Accounts For Externals

Archivum makes it easy for auditors to access and verify the integrity of your data. Simply grant access rights to external parties (customers, auditors, suppliers etc.) and generate new users whenever needed.

Audit-Proofed With Bitcoin Copy

Audit-Proof With Bitcoin

Archivum is the only solution on the market which makes use of the decentralized Bitcoin system to guarantee that documents are not manipulated and auditors can trust that all data is tamper-proof.

Identity And Access Management 96x96

Identity And Access Management

Archivum can be easily built on top of your existing Identity and Access Management System. You don’t have to manage new usernames and passwords and can use the IDAM system which is running in your organization.

Zero Trust Policy

Archivum has been built with the mindset of the zero trust policy: all data stored in Archivum is tamper-proof through the use of the decentralized Bitcoin system. No one – absolutely no one can manipulate the data residing in Archivum – not even the super admin.

zero trust policy animation


A fast and simple search function allows the user to find what s/he is looking for within seconds. Do no longer lose time with searching for files, but allow yourself to focus on your actual work.


Save up to 70% of your storage costs by automating your archiving management. 
Store your unproductive data on lower-priced storage tiers and delete files that are not needed anymore automatically.


The solution is audit-proof by using the “Proof of Existence” service within the Bitcoin System as a trusted method. An auditor can easily verify that a document exists and has not been manipulated.