Stash!Ease Payment

Use our Stash! SDKs to integrate payment flows into your Android and iOS applications, without having to dissect the complex APIs of PSPs and without reinventing payment UIs.

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Mobile Payment SDK

A wide range of payment methods covered

Stash! Supports Multiple PSPs

Use one of the PSP integrations provided by Stash!, or plug your own implementation into the SDK.

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The Stash! Dashboard

The Stash! dashboard is a web-based platform that allows you to configure your merchant account, set up your PSP configuration and generate API keys.

Get a  quick overview of the state of your sales on the home page. We stream live data to give you an idea about the ongoing transactions in real-time.

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Transaction Overview

You can manage (reverse, capture or refund) transactions from the transactions overview page. Filters let you search for specific transactions.

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Generate reports to share transaction summaries with your commercial team and your stakeholders.

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PSD 2 Compliant Mobile Payment SDK