The first Vapiano Mobile Application was launched in May 2016 and allowed users to collect People Points upon every visit. Users were also able to view the menu, categories and detail product descriptions offered at Vapiano. A lot of thoughts went into every aspect of the application. However, as we were aiming for some bigger plans we called the first launch of the Application the Vapiano Light Version. The light version helped us to understand the user behavior and laid the ground work for future plans. We tried to track as much metrics as possible using Mixpanel and optimize the usage of the application, and understanding churn rates with every release. We gathered the learnings, categorized the most important findings and took those over towards the Full Version of the Vapiano Application.

In March 2017, after a lot of refinement, implementation of new designs and user flows we launched the Full Version of the Vapiano application. The full version went much further in terms of complexity. Users can now easily check-in and check-out in a Vapiano restaurant by just using the Vapiano app. This is done through a generated QR-Code which users show at the check-in counter upon checking into a Vapiano. The application can then be used to order items from the different kitchen stations (Pizza, Pasta etc.) or the user can simply sit at the table and order from the bar which are then brought by the Vapianisti to the tables. Another aspect which we brought into the Vapiano application was about allowing users sharing their moments at Vapianio with their friends. This is done by taking photos adding stickers to them and then sharing their moments through different social channels.

We are still at the very beginnings with the Vapiano app and have just launched in Germany. But our plans go much further and we want to accompany Vapiano to launch in 35 countries around the globe. This will bring its own challenges but we are heavily looking forward for this adventure.

You can find some screenshots of the full Vapiano app below.

vapiano1   vapiano2

vapiano3.jpg   vapiano4.jpg

Eager to see the Vapiano app in action? Just grab your phone, add your favorite payment methods and check into your next Vapiano restaurant in just a second to get the food you love. And in case you forgot something, your coffee is just a fingertip away.

Since the revamped Vapiano App was released as a complete separate application, we also implemented a smooth transition option for users of the old app – just click a link, download the new app and you’re automatically logged in, without the need to enter your credentials again.

Get your App here:

Check out this video to get an idea about the app:


The Vapiano Mobile App has been developed natively on Android and iOS, and is powered by a Java/Spring Boot based backend which runs inside Docker containers on Microsoft Azure.