Simply let your phone pay

No more waiting for time stealing card processing at the cashier.

Order with your phone

Choose a dish from the table and get it delivered to your table.

A Unique Solution on the Market.

Vapiano app was MobiLab’s first mobile application on production. But that’s not the only reason that Vapiano is a very special project to us. The knowledge we gained and gathered from this complex solution has a huge value and we love to see our developers’ souls and footprints in this app.

So far there are just a few apps in Germany which connect mobile payment and mobile ordering in a restaurant chain. The app allows the user to experience his visit to the restaurant in a very comfortable way. Logging in to the Vapiano app can be easily accessed through a Facebook Single Sign-On.

By entering Vapiano, the user just has to scan a QR code and he is checked in. That means, he automatically collects loyalty points that get him nice rewards by Vapiano such as free beverages.

Furthermore, the user can comfortably order from the bar or the kitchen with his phone and the items will be delivered to his table. No more waiting in lines in front of the kitchen corner till the food is ready! At the end of his visit, the user just scans the QR code again and can leave the restaurant. That’s all, as the app takes over the payment process with the payment method the user previously chose (credit card or PayPal).

Nice features accompany the app like sharing your food or drinks on social media channels such as Facebook. You can mark your favorite dishes so you can easily find them the next time you visit the app. The app helps you to find the nearest restaurant and tells you all details about it (Opening hours, address, …).

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