Data harmonization

Data can be edit by the user without any complexity whatsoever.

Format generation automatically

No need to have knowledge of the standard format. The editor stores it in the needed way by itself.

An Easy Way to Enter Relevant Data.

The idea of the editor is to provide the user (transit fare organizations) an interface to enter their transit fare relevant data. The data of each association can be different. So the editor has to make sure that:

  • It displays and represents the information for all possible data that the user likes to enter
  • It converts the data into a harmonized data standard format (PKM standard = XML schema)

Our solution allows the user to easily enter, edit and delete data. The nicely designed interface is kept simple, so the user does not need any programming skills for entering the complex data sets.

The user can click in a menu the entity, he likes to edit. A table opens, where the relevant data can be entered. If data is referenced to other entities, it is automatically connected to make sure, that the user never has to enter the same data twice. The data can be entered manually, but also existing excel or CSV files can be imported.

In the special case of entering stops and zones for the public transport, their location is shown on a map next to the table. Besides that it helps the user to get a better overview of the stations, the user can doublecheck the accuracy of his data entries.

The data can easily be exported and also a history of documents can be shown and downloaded. Import and export support the format specified by VDV 452.

Functionalities such as redo and undo or duplications make the usage of the editor very comfortable. The user can validate the PKM document and will receive meaningful information about missing or wrong data. The validation consists of:

  • Validation based on the PKM XML schema
  • Integrity of references
  • Consistency checks, e.g. have all stops been added?
  • Filtering the complete arrays for testing

The solution is programmed for multi-language usage. So far it can be used in German and English. The account management of the editor can assign users to specific functionalities and it is assured that two users never overwrite each other’s entries.

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