Automated renewal

Expiring certificates are automatically renewed without any necessary intervention - once SSLaaS is setup, this doesn’t need to be taken care of separately.

Centralized certificate

SSLaaS centralizes your certificate management, by running as a standalone microservice, that can be called by all of your applications.

SSL Made Easy

SSL as a Service is an easy-to-use solution that removes all communication with the certificate authority for our services. We rely on the amazing Let’s Encrypt initiative to issue certificates. Let’s Encrypt is not only free to use, but also provides a very nice API, making its integration into the service quite simple. A service like SSLaaS also fits nicely into a microservice environment, where we naturally have lots of different services that just interact through web interfaces.

Nowadays, we often don’t have single web servers standing somewhere that you would only need to put the certificate on. Instead, you might run multiple Docker containers as load balancers who need to request certificates.

Existing LetsEncrypt solutions like CertBot are good, but they aren’t as easy to integrate into such an environment as a REST-based microservice (which just needs to run somewhere).

In a world with multiple, heterogeneous certificate  services, our Let’s Encrypt Microservice makes handling these processes easier, by offering the following functionality:

  • Centralized Certificate Management: Now, it is not the servers on which your web services are running that need to take care of automatically renewing, requesting and revoking your certificates individually - all of that is responsibly taken care of by SSLaaS. All that is left for you to do is implement two endpoints that are able to respond to domain challenges posed by the certificate authority and accept the newly created certificate. No direct communication with Let’s Encrypt is required at all.
  • Certificate Renewal: Expiring certificates are automatically renewed, without any necessary intervention. Communication between SSLaaS and Let’s Encrypt is securely encrypted using Google’s Key Management System. SSLaaS makes integrating SSL certificates into your services incredibly easy and scalable. Besides, since it fully supports Docker, it is also very easy to set up.

The first solution using SSL as a Service will be Eatbu – the website builder by Hospitality Digital GmbH.