Find the best deal

Drivers want to top up the truck, actively find the best deal, and forward it to their carrier.

Confirm pickup

Inform the carrier as soon as you pickup the cargo.

Get cargo details

Get the full cargo details directly pushed to your mobile phone easily.

Upload proof of delivery

Scan the POD and upload it, saving paperwork.

Your Perfect Co-pilot on the Road.

As a transport dispatch manager, you can easily assign transport jobs to your drivers via the Saloodo! platform. Drivers will receive all the important information they need about the transport job including cargo details, schedule, addresses, and route.

Even better, the Saloodo! freight android app matches the GPS position of the driver to pick up and delivery addresses and pushes notifications to the driver to confirm the important milestones along the transport journey. In case of delays, the driver can easily notify the right contact person and report reasons with a simple click on the Saloodo! app. It also supports multiple languages, including Eastern European ones.

Easy Document Scanner - so You Get Paid Faster.

Once the consignee signs the proof of delivery (POD), the driver can easily scan the POD document with the app; a scan-quality document will be uploaded onto the Saloodo! platform which triggers a payment to be processed!