Better Collaboration

Increased collaboration through a common understanding of data.

Knowledge Management

Unlocking knowledge residing in silos and efficiently managing the sharing of it.

Accelerated Development

Accelerate product development cycles and reduce time-to-market

Data Search

Blazing fast search functionality for discovering patent data

Why a Product Innovation Platform?

Manufacturing companies spend substantial time and money in the design of materials and the market launch of products. The process for designing new materials in manufacturing hadn’t changed much over the last 100 years. Organizations experimented in their laboratories, run tests hundreds of times to achieve the best composition of ingredients to finally launch the product in the market. This process could take up to 3-5 years and once launched it was not clear if customers will accept the product and how to effectively incorporate customer feedback in the product development cycle which has been very long.

However, with the power of computing and the recent advances in AI the time and cost spend in material design can be substantially reduced. A product innovation platform provides to manufacturing organizations the capabilities to embed company wide data and knowledge into one platform and scale collaboration. The product innovation platform is at is core a Data Integration Platform which ingest data and knowledge into one layer and guarantees that there is a common understanding of data within the organization which will eventually scale collaboration.

How MobiLab Supported LANXESS?

MobiLab, specialized in the topics of Cloud Integration, was asked by LANXESS to provide support in their product development acceleration activities. After analyzing the status quo, MobiLab implemented its own Data Integration Platform (running on Microsoft Azure) within the landscape of LANXESS. On top of the Data Integration Platform, Machine Learning and AI capabilities of Microsoft were embedded alongside with a custom User Interface which could fulfill the needs of LANXESS.

The results were stunning: After 2 months from the first conception meeting, the Product Innovation Platform was brought on production and used by Business Units within LANXESS to accelerate their product development activities. Moreover, the solution was built in a way so that employees of LANXESS could extend the solution and enrich its features with further AI an ML capabilities. This enabled LANXESS to run and operate the solution themselves and keep the knowledge in-house.