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Track your car usage and assess your own mobility needs.

Realistic Mobility Profile.

Although available on Android and iOS, the Android client was developed with the help of the MobiLab team and is now available for download in the Play Store, both in German and in English.

With the help of GPS and advanced activity recognition tools, the app tracks your daily car usage. This tracking feature gathers all necessary data to calculate the electric energy consumption – not just the distance and speed, but also the acceleration and altitude profile. This generates a realistic and statistically significant mobility profile that can then be applied to the parameters of various electric vehicles in order to see how these would perform under the same conditions.

Valuable Insight into how Electric Vehicles perform.

With a parametric database of several Mercedes EQ electric and hybrid vehicles, along with the location of charging stations and different temperature scenarios, the app calculates how each EQ vehicle would perform under your own private mobility needs. This gives you a realistic insight regarding the performance of an electric car that a test drive otherwise couldn’t. In addition, the app calculates which of the current offers in the Mercedes EQ cars class fits the best to your mobility needs.

High Fidelity Simulation.

Developed by Mercedes-Benz, the software model for the app uses a host of vehicle-specific data, such as energy consumption, range, cd value, weight and rolling friction coefficient. The efficiency of each vehicle was modeled based on extensive road tests. The result is a highly realistic model that accurately simulates real values. In addition, the app calculates which of the current offers in the Mercedes EQ cars class best fits your mobility needs.

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