Improve online presence

Giving restaurants, cafés, and bar owners the ability to create a website very easily.

SEO optimized

The websites created are automatically indexed with search engines.

Bring your own domain

The site is available to one of the provided domains or they can bring their own.

Reservation tool

It's possible to take reservations from customers directly on the site.

An Easy Way to Get Online.

Eatbu is an initiative of Hospitality Digital GmbH – the digital lab of METRO AG. Eatbu is supposed to provide those in the hospitality sector, without web presences, an easy way to get online.

Hospitality is using Eatbu in a curated sales approach for the solution. Sales representatives either set up the website jointly with the clients on their iPads or call centers fill out most of the information and then hand over the finalization to the end customer, by sharing a deep link to the state of the website creation.

To shorten the time needed for creating a website, Eatbu is consuming data from the Google Locations & Places API, to prefill as much as possible during the onboarding. Clients can have an informative website in less than five minutes, thanks to this!

As the audience is supposedly not very tech-savvy, a lot of focus has been spent on making the management of the site as easy as possible. Clients can edit their website in a dashboard all by themselves and changes to the website are visible immediately.
Features of the website include the following:

  • Opening times: Opening times can be managed in the dashboard and are visible prominent on the websites. Besides normal opening times, clients can also easily add special opening times, e.g. for public holidays.
  • Services & Payment Options: Showing your client what you offer & which payment types you accept, with a tick of a box.
  • Stories: Create and share content easily and add a picture of your offerings.
  • Domains: offers a selection of domains, that can be used, with a subdomain ( On top of it, we enabled transferring domains to Eatbu, by guiding users through the process, as well as doing the switch on our side automatically, as soon as the domain is ready.

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