Stash! SDK - Process payments without a hassle

Imagine a payment solution which helps you focus on your core business while the payment complexity is being taken care of. This is Stash! – the payment SDK of MobiLab. Our best-in-class payment SDK offers your customers an intuitive payment experience and reduces the churn rate during the checkout process.

Stash! likes to keep it simple

Years of experience in order & checkout has helped us to build the best payment experience for customers. Stash! offers you the balance between a great user experience and a robust, secure and scalable payment solution to serve your business needs.
Working on the Web or Mobile Payments, our focus is on providing you with an integration that reduces complexity and offers simplicity.

Mobile Payment SDK

Stash! Payment SDK provides an easy and intuitive way of integrating payment capabilities into your Android and iOS applications. Stash! removes the complexity of maintaining an implementation for a specific Payment Service Provider while being PCI DSS compliant.

Stash! integrates with leading Payment Service Providers, and offers a modular based system to integrate any PSP and easily switch between them with minimal changes in code.


Year of experience has taught us to be one step ahead of fraudsters. We follow best-in-class security standards and keep our security measures updated on daily basis, so that you can focus on your core business.


We constantly strive to look for better ways in how the customer experiences the payment flow. Therefore, we never stop benchmarking Stash! against new products on the market and adopt new features to serve the end-user.


Data is the source of truth. Stash! comes along with a highly sophisticated dashboard to help you analyze payments, churn rates and other details. These insights enable you to optimize the online experience for your customers.