I want to apply. So what do I do?

First and most importantly: We want to get to know you!

Feel free to provide us with anything that will help us getting a good picture of you and your skills. This may be a GitHub account with relevant activity, your StackOverflow usernames, or just LinkedIn or Xing profiles – or just show us samples of your work you have done or even published!

After we evaluated your application, we’ll come back to you as soon as possible. We will send you a small task for the job you applied for, which you should send back to us or put it just into a public repository on GitHub or similar pages.

This task shouldn’t take much of your time, and we don’t set a strict deadline for it – do it whenever you have time, across the weekend, during lunch breaks, your choice. But please keep in mind: It’s first come, first serve. If we happen to find somebody before you send us your task and the position is already filled, we can’t take your task into account.

Alright. Task sent, we are happy with it. What now?

Let’s learn from each other through some tech talk!

As soon as we completed the evaluation of your task, we’ll get in touch with you and schedule a technical interview. One of our engineers will talk with you about your task, about your work and try to evaluate your technical skills. Since our main company language is English, all of those interviews will also take place in English.

This is usually done through Skype or Hangouts, and we’re in general quite flexible to find a time that suits us both.

If all goes well, we’ll schedule a second interview with you, a cultural one. During the cultural interview we would like to find out about the chemistry between you and us. We want to see what drives you, what is your passion, what are your expectations and above all whether you fit into our team.

Both Interviews went well, what’s next?

Join a space ship with a mission for delivering rock solid products!

As soon as both interviews went through and we’re happy with your performance, we’ll make you an offer. If you accept that offer, nothing hold us back from the start of an awesome adventure!

We make it as easy as possible to join the MOBILAB ship. We organize your moving to Cologne, plan your travel and book your flights. You only need to pack your stuff and take the next plane and there will be a whole team welcoming you.

Once you are in Cologne we have a dedicated person who takes care of all your paper work, finds you a proper apartment (maybe an equipped one for the beginning so that you get accustomed faster) and shows you around.

After a short time you will have already a lot of friends here at MOBILAB who go out with you, do barbecues and to other events. So be prepared for a lot of fun.

Can I apply from foreign countries? What about a Visa?

MOBILAB is a melting pot!

We’re hiring our team from all over the world – Portugal, Croatia, Russia, Serbia, Moldavia, Iran, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, South Korea etc.  – so regardless from where you are from, you’ll find your sweet spot. In case you need help with getting a working visa, we’ll help you to get that sorted out.

We are remote friendly!

We call Cologne & Berlin our home, but our team is spread across different countries and time zones. Though some roles may be location dependent, we are open to remote work as well.


Look no further and check out our openings and apply to jobs@mobilabsolutions.com