The Jenkins Android app is an unofficial Jenkins client for the Android platform. Not only can you easily access every detail of every job that you have on your Jenkins installation, you can install the APK artifacts of your Android jobs right from within the app for blazingly fast access and install of the very latest APK!

Some of the features of this app:
• Support for multiple accounts
• Browse through all builds and jobs
• Download, install (APKs) or share any artifact of your builds
• Trigger builds with parameters
• Unit-test results
• Console outputs
• Job monitoring
• Homescreen status widget
• Node status
• User list
• Build queue
• Support for views

Supported Plugins:
• Custom Build Numbers plugin
• Promoted Builds plugin
• Green Balls plugin
• Folders plugin

The Jenkins for Android application is freely available and fully ads-free on the Google PlayStore, to make your daily life as a developer easier.

Get the app on Google Play!