We Are Looking For iOS Developers!

As iOS Engineer, you know your platform by heart. You know what it takes to build well-engineered, robust and nicely designed applications. You are only satisfied when you have delivered the best user experience so that even your grandparents would love to use your applications.

At MOBILAB, you’re not just building apps – you are delivering engineering power to our customers and users. You will build products touching users and will see your ideas become part of something unique.

Are you passionate about your profession, your platform and your code? Do you want to constantly roll out new features as a crucial member of our team? Do you want to constantly improve and grow with us while we aim for the sky? If your answers are yes, then you should read further!

Together with our product teams, you’ll have a chance to:

  • Work with a wide variety of interesting customers, from retail to banking and automotive;
  • Take on diverse projects in a fast-growing company;
  • Build best in class iOS applications, unleashing the full power of your platform;
  • Continuously optimize the user experience of your apps;
  • Stay on the cutting edge of technology and continously improve yourself;
  • Join forces with our designers, product owners and backend engineers to create a great mobile experience.

For our team, we’re looking for somebody:

  • Who has enough experience to take on complex iOS projects responsibly;
  • Who has seen his fair share of pitfalls, and knows exactly where to look for guidance with the yet unseen;
  • Who understands that design patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems and not just mere pieces of technical slang;
  • Who is comfortable implementing pixel perfect designs;
  • Who has a keen eye for detail and cares about writing robust and scalable code, while remaining pragmatic in our demanding and ever changing environment;
  • Who is eager to walk off the beaten paths if necessary, but also knows when to rely on battle-tested and proven solutions;
  • Who is a team player and understands that software development is not a one man show;
  • Who is able to clearly communicate demands and problems to team members and customers;

And as a developer:

  • Swift or Objective – it doesn’t matter to you, you’ll be conquering both;
  • You feel good using multiple threads, GCD and concurrency in CoreData;
  • You have developed apps using the MVP design pattern;
  • Your code is clear, well-structured and testable;
  • You follow the SOLID principles of software design as a religion;
  • You know when and how to create a custom view;
  • You have extensive experience with consuming REST/JSON web services in a resilient manner;
  • You have demonstrated skills in developing, releasing, and maintaining high quality apps.

Do you think you have what it takes to prosper with us? We’d love to hear from you.

Send your application to: jobs(at)mobilabsolutions.com