With an effort to deliver highly-available and well maintained container clusters, MobiLab Solutions decided to become part of Rancher Partnership Network program. MobiLab Solutions started using Rancher’s products several years ago, for managing various container clusters used across projects.

The status of partnership resulted as a joint effort between Rancher and MobiLab to spread the knowledge and expertise with handling complex deployments and scaling strategies. MobiLab will continue with getting two of its team members certified for Rancher Labs products and hosting educational workshops on the company’s premise in Cologne.


One of the workshops that are part of Rancher Rodeo is going to be held on September 22nd at MobiLab Solutions’ office in Cologne. It’s a half-day, free and interactive workshop targeting people who are already familiar with Docker, and who are planning to use the knowledge for managing their container environments.

Stay tuned for a technical overview of some Docker functionalities that we used.

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